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    5/16" Fiber Cement Panel System | Profile Options ...

    The fiber cement product line offered by American Fiber Cement Corporation is installed as a rain screen system. As the system mitigates mold and other moisture related issues in a wall, the fiber cement panels also benefit from the use of a rain screen to keep them dry and thus preserve their look and composition.

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    James Hardie 48-in x 96-in HardieSoffit Porch Panel Primed ...

    Nichiha architectural wall panels and premium siding are available in an array of textures, colors and finishes. Browse our products and choose your look.

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    SYNSTONE - Concrete Cladding Panel & Soffit Systems

    TAKTL® Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete | Facade + Wall Panels, Rainscreen Cladding, Custom Elements

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    American Fiber Cement - Fiber Cement Products

    PANEL COMPOSITION : Finex fiber cement panels are composite panels made with Portland cement reinforced with synthetic fibers and additives. The panels are highly durable and possess structural qualities. During the manufacturing process, layers are pressed together for greater stiffness and moisture resistance.

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    Fiber Cement Siding - Siding - The Home Depot

    Esal Cement Composite Corrugated Sheets. ESAL three dimensional corrugated façade panels offer the designer a wide range of creative freedom in designing both roofs and facades. The panels can be installed with the corrugations running vertically or horizontally. The panel edges can be lapped or the panels can be installed with open joints.

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    An Architect's Guide To: Fiber Cement Cladding ...

    Nichiha panels bring the look of wood, stone, brick, metal & more to your commercial or residential projects with high-performance fiber cement. Read more here.

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    TAKTL® Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete ...

    The ventilated rainscreen cladding system is effective in dealing with moisture management and temperature regulation. An architectural design with the use of fiber cement panels in a rainscreen application is the perfect solution for designers looking to achieve an energy efficient building utilizing exterior insulation to prevent thermal bridging and reduce condensation.

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    Mounting Fiber Cement Panels in a Rain Screen System

    since our founding in 2007, eap has been distributing & fabricating the highest quality fiber cement panels for sustainable, maintenance free, contemporary facades. the products we supply are manufactured and brought to market through our partnership with cembrit & american fiber cement …

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    Fiber Cement Trim System – EasyTrim Reveals

    5/16" Fiber Cement Panel System Profile Options | Fiber Cement Trim System | Exterior Aluminum Trim & Siding Systems | EasyTrim Reveals. 5/16" Fiber Cement Panel System Profile Options | Fiber Cement Trim System | Exterior Aluminum Trim & Siding Systems | EasyTrim Reveals.

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    Panel System - Fiber Cement Products | James Hardie Pros

    Compatible with every major fiber cement manufacturers’ 5/16″ panels and lapped plank, the Fiber Cement Trim System by EasyTrim Reveals ® replaces the outdated board and batten installation method providing an exterior finish that is not only beautifully modern and painlessly easy to install, but also built incredibly durable and features ...

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    Fiber Cement | ECO Cladding

    Woodtone, too, is the only fiber-cement siding company that sells natural wood, with its AbsoluteCedar family of posts, panels, and trim. If you are looking for a strong wood appearance in the form of easy maintenance fiber-cement, Woodtone is worth a close look.

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    EAP – Fiber Cement Products

    James Hardie 48-in x 96-in HardieSoffit Porch Panel Primed Fiber Cement Solid Soffit at Lowe's. James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim combine beautiful design with superior performance. Enjoy the warm, natural character of wood with the

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    Western Specialty Fabrications

    Making the Material Difference. The allure of Allura goes far beyond eye-catching curb appeal. On top of products worthy of the industry’s strongest warranty, we bring you the important qualities of responsiveness and reliability. That’s how we’re Making the Material Difference. Allura first took the time to understand us and what our ...

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    Fiber Cement Siding at Menards®

    Cembrit is a distributor and manufacturer of fibre cement products in Europe and offers a range of fibre cement based products for roofing and cladding.

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    HardiePanel HZ10 5/16 in. x 48 in. x 96 in. Fiber Cement ...

    Fiber cement is usually compared to other budget-friendly heavily processed materials like PVC or aluminum panels.One of the main reasons that architects opt for fiber cement over other low-cost alternatives is that, when detailed properly, it looks like a much more expensive product.

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    Fiber Cement Panels | Allura USA

    Do you have questions about the new OSHA silica dust standard that went into effect on September 23, 2017? James Hardie is here to help by providing accurate information about the new standard and guidance to help you demonstrate compliance.

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    Fiber Cement Siding Colors | Nichiha USA - Fiber Cement ...

    Fiber Cement Panel Trims Designed for use with 5/16” Fiber Cement Panels, our aluminum Fiber Cement Panel Trims provide a cost effective option for shaping and sculpting exterior fiber cement panel claddings. Our aluminum trims not only offer aesthetics, but provide a caulk free, easy to install and sustainable enhancement to the exterior façade.

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    Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor | USG

    Our systems for fiber cement cladding, in partnership with ECO Cladding, are also designed to give architects aesthetic freedom to incorporate concealed, lap-siding or visible attachments. There are many companies promoting fiber cement panels, but only Cladding Corp has the premier fiber cement panel plus an engineered assembly solution that ...

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    7 Best Brands of Fiber-Cement Siding for Your Home

    Stonewood Panels are solid phenolic architectural panels (also referred to as compact laminate) manufactured by Fiberesin. Panels and planks are designed for use as open joint exterior cladding in a rainscreen design. Versatile installation options include exposed and concealed fasteners, as well as a stackable mounting system.

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    Fibre-cement products manufacturer in Europe | Cembrit

    Weatherside fiber cement siding is the 1 and Weatherside fiber cement siding is the 1 and only solution for replacing or repairing old asbestos siding shingles. It is available in a variety of sizes and shapes to match many of the old siding shingles installed over the last 60-years.

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    Fiber Cement Rainscreens | Cladding Corp

    Beginning with a commercial grade panel developed for multi-family and light commercial applications, the Reveal Panel system by James Hardie is a complete solution for creating a panelized look. Eliminate the guesswork in creating this look with the Reveal Panel system, with all parts including panels, trims and fasteners supplied by James Hardie.

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    Fiber Cement Products | James Hardie Pros

    Allura’s Fiber Cement Siding Vertical panels are available primed and sealed for protection. Beauty Allura gives architects the freedom to create engaging and sophisticated patterns by extending architectural lines through the window frames and mullions. Durability With Allura, sustainability is always built-in for good measure.

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    Go Finex :: multipurpose fiber cement panels, lifetime ...

    Most fiber cement panels are consistent in color range from panel to panel. Air cured fiber cement is preferred for rainscreen applications and auto-claved panels are not recommedended for rainscreen wall conditions. Off–fall of material is a key fabrication consideration, so as to maximize the panel’s yield.

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    Stonewood Architectural Panels - Building façade panels

    Swisspearl Export department, CH-8867 Niederurnen Tel + 41 55 617 11 60, Fax + 41 55 617 12 71, [email protected]

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    Swisspearl Swiss Premium Façades – Swisspearl Swiss ...

    Two great companies – SWISSPEARL® and Cladding Corp – haved joined forces to serve as the premium fiber cement rainscreen solution in North America. Architects, installers and owners now have the premier fiber cement panel from SWISSPEARL®, combined with a fully engineered rainscreen system by Cladding Corp.

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    Nichiha - Fiber Cement Siding: Cement Board Lap Siding ...

    Extremely durable fiber cement siding is resistant to moisture, fire, warping and insects. Check out our large selection of sizes and shapes. ... Click to add item "Allura™ 5/16" Textured Grooved 8" OC Fiber Cement Panel Siding" to the compare list.

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    Fiber Cement Siding Manufacturer | Allura USA

    HardiePanel HZ10 5/16 in. x 48 in. x 96 in. Fiber Cement Sierra 8 Panel Siding James Hardie Soffit panels are available in a James Hardie Soffit panels are …

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    Fry Reglet Fiber Cement Panel Trims - Fry Reglet

    Synstone panels are lightweight and high strength glass fibre reinforced concrete panels available with many surface finishes and colours. The tough, impact proof and non-combustible panels have unmatched exterior durability and are resistant to ultra-violet light, acid rain and freeze-thaw. Synstone Concrete Soffit & Cladding Panel Systems.

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