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    Alaska’s Mining Country: The Land of Big Gold ...

    Alaska still has plenty of gold waiting to be found. With the high price of gold, miners eagerly await the snow melt each summer for the chance to wet their gold pans in search of some nuggets. Gold mining in Alaska is a significant industry in the state, and many small communities rely on gold mining.

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    Alaska Gold Prospecting Locations

    Skagway Gold Panning. Skagway, nicknamed “Gateway of the Klondike,” is a town at the northern end of the Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska.

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    Where To Gold Pan in Alaska - Prospecting For All

    Akau Alaska Gold and Resort - Anvil Creek, AK Chicken Gold Camp - Chicken, AK Crow Creek Gold Mine - Girdwood, AK Gold King Creek Alaska Adventures - Gold King Creek, AK Gold Fever Prospecting - Chicken, AK. Skip to the content. Prospecting Vacations Biggest online listings of prospecting vacation locations. If you want to look for Gold or Gems ...

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    Alaska Gold: Crevicing, Panning and High Banking By The ...

    Jul 10, 2016· Running GoldHog mats on the beaches in Alaska. Catching super fine gold from the black beach sands. MORE INFO: https://www.goldhog.com/

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    Gold Rush to Alaska - Gold Panning - AK State Laws

    Home » Alaska Gold Prospecting Adventure. Guided Prospecting Day Trips. Alaska gold prospecting invites you to spend a day with us showing you the many different ways to prospect for gold In the 21st Century on one of our productive Alaskan gold claims.. While on the creek we will help you understand where and why gold is found in certain areas of the creek.

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    Alaska Beach Prospecting - LOTS of FINE Gold - YouTube

    The photos show an area on the trail to the claims (4 miles from paved highway), the Porcupine Creek and gold in a pan recovered, after classifying to 3/4minus, from 2 cy or material by using a Gold Cube (pictured) - (a few yards of this pay dirt is more than enough to pay for one acre of the claim).

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    Alaska Gold Panning with Prospector John

    Gold Panning & Mining. Today you can relive Alaska's gold rush era and try your luck in panning for gold at Crow Creek and Indian Valley mines. Until the Klondike gold rush of 1897-98, Alaska was relatively unknown.

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    Gold Fever Prospecting

    As many professional and recreational prospectors know, one of the best places for gold panning around the world is Alaska. Known for its rugged terrain and vast wilderness, Alaska offers a rich landscape in which to find gold. Shows like Discovery Channel's Gold Rush, which features the mining of gold placer deposits found in the Alaska and the Yukon, feature the struggles that professionals ...

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    Alaskan Gold Rush Vacation Adventure Resort | Nome, Alaksa

    Find gold in Alaska: Chicken Gold Camp provides gold panning, suction dredging, metal detecting, sluicing and prospecting for gold nuggets | Chicken, Alaska . Join the Alaska Gold Rush: Click each photo to greatly enlarge it.

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    Alaska Gold Panning | Goldpanning in Alaska

    Apr 18, 2018· Thanks way they can spend more time with their families out doors. Our golden goal is to get Kids off the X Boxes and working on a Sluice Box! So no matter if your 5 to a 105 come join us for a fun time looking for Gold and learning about the history of 1886 Gold Rush here in alaska and take home all the gold you find.

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    Strike Gold At These Alaska Panning Locations - Aspen Hotels

    Jun 11, 2014· There have been some huge gold nuggets found in Alaska. It is one of the most remote mining regions on Earth, and it still holds great potential for gold mining. There are vast unexcavated areas containing rich gold veins and ores remain unexplored which when opened up could push the mining operations well into the […]

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    Alaska Gold Prospecting

    Alaska Gold Panning Many rivers hold gold in Alaska. Gold panning is fun in Alaska and you never know what you’ll find. Unlike professional gold seekers, recreational gold panners benefit mostly from the adventure. The entire family can share in the fun of prospecting and gold panning.

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    Alaska Gold Prospecting Adventure | Alaska Fish On

    Sep 19, 2019· Try Your Hand At Gold Panning At These Gorgeous 4 Spots In Alaska. If you’ve always wanted to follow in the footsteps of the old gold rushers, gold panning in Alaska is the perfect activity for you and your family! Get out into the wilds of Alaska and pan through the creeks and rivers to find some of that elusive gold dust.

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    Kenai Peninsula Gold Panning Tours - Alaska.org

    Alaska Gold Prospecting is an Alaska family owned and operated business sharing our passion of gold prospecting and small scale mining with other families and individuals that have always dreamed of living that Ultimate Alaskan Gold Prospecting Adventure. Getting the gold bug or gold fever is nothing you can take a pill for.

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    Gold Prospecting in Alaska | My Alaskan Life

    Resurrection Creek is the site of the exciting second discovery of gold on the Kenai Peninsula in 1888. Since 1895 this creek has yielded an approximated 30,000-40,000 ounces of gold. Itís been over 100 years since mining began at Resurrection Creek, but it is still a popular site for recreational gold panning.

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    Prospecting Vacations - Alaska Gold Sites

    locations throughout the state of Alaska where metallic minerals have been found. Recreational gold panning and prospecting are permitted, with some restrictions, on most public lands in Alaska. On private lands or mining claims, the owner’s permission is needed to mine even if you are just gold panning. Alaska Native villages and corporation ...

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    Gold Panning, Suction Dredging and Gold Prospecting ...

    He was Manager of Alaska Exploration for Cominco in the 1970’s and 1980’s and spend over 24 years in exploration and development with Cominco. As Manager of Alaska Operations, Mr. Booth led the exploration and pre-development of the Red Dog Mine in Northwest Alaska. Mr.

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    Recreational Gold Mining in Alaska - Alaska Centers

    Gold Fever Prospecting located on the South Fork of the Forty-mile River near historical Chicken, Alaska. We are a family run operation committed to giving you the greatest All-Inclusive gold prospecting trip you will ever have; definitely an adventure of a lifetime and an opportunity to fulfill a bucket list dream!

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    5 Fun Places to Go Gold Panning in ... - RareGoldNuggets.com

    Alaska's gold prospecting laws are fairly lax. This is one reason why so many prospectors venture to the state. Panning doesn't require a permit and neither does a sluice box. In the national parks, only a gold pan is allowed. When prospecting in Alaska you need to be careful not to disturb historic sites.

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    Alaska Gold Panning Vacation - Pan for Gold in Fairbanks

    Gold prospecting in Alaska is great when you find gold. Alaska has been home to many of the gold rushes of the 19th and 20th centuries. People came from all over the world to take a chance at making their fortune in the goldfields of Alaska and still do so today.

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    Gold Prospecting in Alaska | The Top Spots for Panning and ...

    Try Gold Panning! Visitors still travel to Alaska set on finding gold, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to win their slice of the riches. If you are planning to visit Alaska and try your hand at gold panning, download our Gold Panning packet and if you have any questions contact an Alaska Public Lands Information Center.

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    Alaska Gold Panning Tours | Our favorite day tours to ...

    There is gold all over Alaska, and it is far from mined out. Check out these gold panning spots to find your glittering harvest. Fairbanks: Visit the El Dorado Gold Mine for a unique panning experience. A two-hour, guided tour takes you through a permafrost tunnel, where Alaska’s mining history comes alive. Enjoy a walking tour of the mining...

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    Try Gold Panning In Alaska At These Gorgeous Spots

    Alaska Gold Panning Tours You will find GOLD - guaranteed! Whether you are a first time visitor to Alaska, or you have lived here your whole life, there is an unforgettable experience waiting to be found at Gold Daughters. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the best gold panning in Alaska,

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    Alaska Gold Mining Claims for $200 an acre - Gold Prospectors

    Gold Prospecting - Visit this site to learn about Gold and Wilderness Prospecting. Explore with Prospector John as her journeys through the back country of Alaska to prospect for gold and enjoy the wilderness. ALASKA'S ONLY COMBINATION WILD-STREAM GOLD PANNING AND SCENIC RAFTING EXCURSION

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    Gold Panning | Alaska Centers

    The first Alaska gold rush of the early 1900s may be past, but Nome's vast landscape provides opportunities to relive this exciting period in Alaska history. Visit scenic Anvil Mountain and take in a commanding view of Nome, Norton Sound, and miles of unaltered Alaska wilderness.

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    Alaska Gold Prospecting (Cooper Landing) - 2020 All You ...

    There’s still gold in Alaska, and you can learn from Denali Gold Tours what it takes to pan for the shiny flakes in pristine water near Trapper Creek. Spend a half-day or full-day in the gorgeous Alaska countryside with your guide, who will share old-timer panning techniques and stories from the dramatic days of Alaska’s gold rush.

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    Gold Panning Tours in Alaska | USA Today

    Aug 01, 2017· Join me for another night of crevicing for gold by the Casadepaga river near Nome Alaska. I demonstrate several important and rewarding gold prospecting techniques including crevicing, high ...

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    Gold Panning & Mining | Visit Anchorage

    Aug 28, 2017· 5 places where you can mine gold in Anchorage today include: 1. Indian Valley Mine . The Indian Valley Mine was established in 1910 by miners who came to Alaska following the Alaskan gold rush.It was a successful mine well into the 1920s producing thousands of ounces of gold …

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